Sunday 24 February 2019

Dimitr Von Goray

I've just returned from a two-day workshop with Bohun, run by Journeyman Miniatures. The focus was true metallic metals and textures - whether it be metal, skin or fabric. What a blast.

It's the first course I've been on where we've started and completed a figure in the time alloted. Usually the focus is studying a technique, rather than pushing to completion. Delighted this one was different - as it's nice to have a change of pace like that.

I'd say painting the freehand on the shoulder was the single most complicated miniature-related painting I've attempted ... and it only took an hour. A huge confidence boost to be able to achieve a result like this.

(okay, so it's not perfectly circular, and a lot of the lines are wobbly - but I'm fine with that, so you can be too)

This is probably the best result I've ever achieved on a figure and I'm delighted. Now to lie down and let my  brain recover.

Saturday 9 February 2019

Ruined Church diorama: WIP #3

And so it continues.

I had a crisis moment after the last update and added more shadows into the recesses, but lost the yellow altogether. I also remembered that shadows don't need to be nearly black, they just need high contrast between the colours. So back we went, with a lot of yellow and a lot of ... bright blue? But it's worked ...

The tiles around the light were too dark, and the blue helps to sell the image of a magical light beaming out. The colour contrast is very pleasing.

Alright, so the shape of the light is off a little when looking at it from overhead, but sssh! If you don't tell then I won't. It should give away where one of the protagonists in the scene will be standing too ...

Even up close this feels much better, and the specular highlights help to sell the effect. Crisis of confidence averted, and we're getting closer to completing this now!

Sunday 3 February 2019

Skitarii Vanguard WIP #1

The other set from the Kill Team box. Long have they sat on my desk, biding their time.

This colour scheme has been through a few iterations in the last couple of weeks. Initially I had much brighter metals and pastel cloaks (below), to echo what I'd painted with my Genestealer Cult, to show there was little difference between loyal servants of the Imperium, and those on a different path ... but it was too similar.

As I just finished re-reading Dark Adeptus by Ben Counter, the scheme was modified with the remaining loyal inhabitants of Chaeronia in mind. After a thousand years, any loyalists left would have adopted a more practical approach - with well worn leathers, dulled metals and nothing overtly shiny to attract attention. Even in the world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the environment they have to face on a daily basis is a harsh, unforgiving one.

Much happier with these, even if achieving something leather-esque took a lot longer. If you're interested in the recipe ...

  • Light Rust
  • Smokey Ink glaze
  • Light Rust stippled to create an irregular texture
  • Light Rust + Elf Skintone (4:1) stippled on highlights
  • Soft Tone to knock back the brightness of the Elf Skintone
  • Light Rust + Elf Skintone (2:1) stippled along edges
  • Flat Black glaze into shadows
  • Brown Leather glaze on midtones to soften any transition to black
  • Black Red stippling to break up surfaces
  • Elf Skintone scratches
  • Black Red glaze to soften the scratches