Sunday 24 February 2019

Dimitr Von Goray

I've just returned from a two-day workshop with Bohun, run by Journeyman Miniatures. The focus was true metallic metals and textures - whether it be metal, skin or fabric. What a blast.

It's the first course I've been on where we've started and completed a figure in the time alloted. Usually the focus is studying a technique, rather than pushing to completion. Delighted this one was different - as it's nice to have a change of pace like that.

I'd say painting the freehand on the shoulder was the single most complicated miniature-related painting I've attempted ... and it only took an hour. A huge confidence boost to be able to achieve a result like this.

(okay, so it's not perfectly circular, and a lot of the lines are wobbly - but I'm fine with that, so you can be too)

This is probably the best result I've ever achieved on a figure and I'm delighted. Now to lie down and let my  brain recover.