Sunday 26 August 2018

Cult of the Rusted Claw WIP #2

I won't bore you going colour by colour, but this felt like a reasonable landmark to share. All the major colours on the figure, and I think the combination is looking good.

We aren't aiming for competition level here, they just need to be on the table and ready to play soon as possible. Over the khaki/white mix, I've applied washes of brown, orange and sepia to pull up the detail quickly, and provide nice contrast to the darker elements of the metallics and blues.

All ten of the Neophytes are at this stage in about ten hours total, at a guess. That feels reasonable, considering some of that time has been tinkering with options. From this point, the shoulder pads need bringing up to pure white, then we need to add squad markings. After that it's picking out the individuality of the figures ... oh, and the small matter of all the heads.