Friday 8 October 2021

Chopper Bob, champion of Khorne

 After moving house, my hobby mojo took a bit of a hit. I had a few projects on the desk but couldn't bring myself to be enthused for any of them. Talking to a friend about playing Gorechosen and thought it would be fun to kitbash my own champion of Khorne as an exercise in nothing to something.

It's worth noting I don't kitbash, or greenstuff, as my creativity on this front is enormously poor, but taking the frame of an oldschool Chaos Warrior, throwing 40k Ork pieces at it until something looked right, then adding a Space Wolf space marine head ended up with something rather enjoyable.

The colour scheme is deliberately cool tones and a little less of the rich Khorne red than you'd normally see, as I wanted to paint something Warhammer in a non-Warhammer palette and more toward things like Kingdom Death.

Oh, the name? Well, I'm pretty awful at naming things, and when I haven't a clue what to call it, it ends up as a Bob. Let's lay the blame for this squarely on a childhood of Blackadder.

WIP shots in reverse order. Got to love that GW pack of skulls.