Monday 12 February 2018

Vampire Sportscaster

A mere 15 months after completing his Ogre counterpart, I've wrapped the second of the two sportscasters from Willy Miniatures. One small step for painting, one giant step to wrapping up another project.

I don't like the face on this sculpt, it feels wrong. He should be leering, and the mouth feels a little too big. It's beyond my skill to make it look other than a big happy grin, but there we have it. I did enjoy painting the leather coat, it's another approach to leather in constrast to my other recent projects.

Here's a shot of the pair of them together.

Eagle eyed viewers will notice I've gone back and updated Bob Bifford the Ogre's scarf to match Jim Johnson the Vampire's scarf. Plans are afoot to build a nice sideboard for my Guild Ball games to feature crowd and commentators, but that's way down the list of projects at the moment.

I feel my something-better-than-tabletop painting has come on in the 16 months between them. Especially in trying to build textures. Still a long way to go but it's nice to feel I've progressed.