Thursday 1 February 2018

Shadespire: Ironskull's Boyz - Summary

So, wrapping up this project, as they're finally finished. This has been a long six or seven weeks since starting this project, but I feel reasonably happy with the outcome.

I've really struggled to come to grips with NMM, had a genuine moment of self-doubt about painting in general, but I'm out the other side and think I understand a few techniques better. That isn't to say it's reflected in all these figures, as half my learnings have come at the end when reviewing what I've done, but future projects will benefit from that experience.

My NMM steel for the weapons isn't consistently convincing, but I'll improve on the next project. The temptation to go back and correct some of the obvious errors like highlight positioning was enormous, but I want to keep moving forward, not going backward.

Colours came together just as I hoped. Faces worked well and as a unit they're visually distinct and different from all the other Ironskull factions I've seen painted up so far.

There are lessons in these figures from the work of excellent painters like Andy Wardle (NMM), David Soper (leather), Darren Latham (skin+faces) and the mysterious Kujo (glazing). The bad parts are all my learnings, and the good parts should probably be credited to them :)