Monday 5 February 2018

Grey Horde: January 2018

One challenge I intend to try and keep this year is reducing the Grey Horde sat in cupboards.

Okay, so some of the figures are metal, some are resin - but we're all comfortable with that I'm talking about, right? That pile of unpainted miniatures sat in drawers and cupboards that magically gets larger and larger each year.

Well mine's well into four figures thanks to a few games backed on Kickstarter, and it desperately needs to be reduced because I'm running out of storage space.

Essentially you can reduce the pile by painting, selling or giving away models. You can ensure it doesn't grow by ... not buying any more!

Bought: 13 (from a Kickstarter I backed in 2016)
Sold: 16 Confrontation
Painted: 4 Orruks
Total: -7

So a seven model reduction already! Not a bad start to the year, but there are still eleven more months in the calendar. Long road ahead ...