Wednesday 8 July 2015

Zombicide: Abominations & Scenery (WIP)

As a brief interlude from painting the Fisherman's Guild, I've started work on a few Zombicide pieces for a friend. Thankfully not the whole box of them ...

He bought a fully painted Zombicide Season 1 set, but it came with two Abominations unpainted, so I offered to complete them as we're both a wee bit obsessive about things left unfinished, and this will scratch that itch.

In addition to the Abominations, the Zombicide Season 3 set came with a couple of very nice 3D barricade pieces to replace the 2D tokens usually in place on the board. From a gaming perspective, I'm a fan of this approach and they're doing more of it on the new Zombicide: Black Plague set. Touch of the Heroquest about having doors and room objects scattered through your encounters.

(how they started life, as reference)

Quite literally a quick paintjob, with maybe 2-3 hours for the pair at a guess. There are a few noob errors, but they'll remain as is as they're back with their owner for packing and transport while he moves home. You may be spotting that I'm loving the rust-in-a-bottle!

Curiously, I couldn't find painted versions of these online as reference material - odd considering how many people play Zombicide, and would have gotten these in their Season 3 box.

So for the hard of SEO, there you go - painted Zombicide barricades from the 3D plastic door pack.