Monday 20 July 2015

Colony 87: Introduction

My favourite thing at the moment is the arrival of Jon Boyce's new Colony 87 figures from another Kickstarter. They hark back to the Rogue Trader mindset of sci-fi, where not everything and everyone needed to be shooting someone, or grotesquely muscled, and really captures the futuristic civilian feel.

(images nicked from the Kickstarter and joined in sequence, as his photos are better quality)

From left to right, they are Kay Dee, Pash Grolin, Lady Greiss and Creaster, Lord-Governor Manduc Greiss, Barcoon Krobosh and Wandering Alexei. Look on the Kickstarter for a little more detail.

Worth noting that it was funded mid-May, and delivered end of June/early July - basically on schedule. Kickstarters are notorious for being delayed, so it's very pleasing to see smaller operations like this do well, and I look forward to backing more of them in time.

I've paired mine with some of the Tau Ceti bases from the CMON Kickstarter mentioned previously, and longer-term would like to build a fuller group of non-combatants. Maybe as NPCs for our soon-to-start RPG adventure in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Perhaps they indicate a crashed starliner that was carrying people between planets and we find the survivors making the most of things on a new environment, or whether it's a planned, established settlement. I haven't decided what my approach to Colony 87 is. 

Hopefully a second wave of Jon's figures will be forthcoming later this year, as he has stated preparations are already underway. I certainly hope it comes to fruition because the quality of production and sculpt is excellent. Feel free to throw money at him, as the team he assembled to make this happen is clearly a bunch of talented souls.

With my hat of optimism on, I think it's a wonderful problem to have so many beautiful models to paint, and only being limited by the free time available to me.