Tuesday 14 July 2015

CMON Base System

A wise man once said "Kickstarter projects, they're like getting a little present from Past You to Future You" and in the last couple of weeks, Past Me has been a very generous soul and bought Future Me a few excellent things.

CMON produced a range of resin bases with Micro Art Studios and if you've ever wondered what 272 resin bases bagged up looks like, then wonder no more!

(You also receive the bases they fit into, but those are standard and boring so not included in the shot)

Quality is great, and I'm very happy with them. Estimated delivery date of February '15 was missed by a good four months, but if you go into a CMON Kickstarter with the understanding that they're flat out lying on delivery dates then you won't be disappointed with the actual goods when they arrive.

Each style came as 2x 50mm, 12x 40mm and 20x 30mm which is a handsome set and enough to base an entire skirmish warband in some games. Cost of these? Including shipping to the UK, they averaged at 40 pence per base - making no concession to the different sizes. That equates to £13.60 a set and feels good value, especially when a glance over retailers indicates I could get the equivalent Tau set for £41.36 on "discount" - which would be too rich for my blood.

If I work out how to use this lot up in the coming months, then I'd happily back a second wave to get more. Well done Past Me, you did a good thing.