Monday 18 July 2016

Purgatory: Hannibal WIP #1

I've taken to not posting work in progress shots of my figures in the last few months, as usually once they're started then it doesn't take long to finish - but this month has been a long one, and I was getting twitchy it was a month since the last post.

On the painting table is Hannibal from Purgatory, and he's looking very pinstriped at the moment. It isn't a painting technique I've tried before, and it's hard - moreso on this scale. Definitely a technique that needs more practice and a steadier hand to master, but for my first attempt this will do just fine.

There isn't much more to go with the suit, other than tidying the odd overspill on the rear of the figure and then it's on to the rest of the model. The hat and tie are going to move down into blues from the pinkish starting colour, as it's a little too garish right now. After that, it's skin!

Of course there's an elephant to accompany this fellow, but that's for another update ...