Saturday 23 July 2016

Purgatory: Hannibal

That was quicker than expected ... Hannibal and his (tiny, adorable) war elephant are finished!

It's not my best work (but what is?), but I'm happy with the outcome - and it's different from my usual fare. Lovely sculpt, albeit my eyes just couldn't pick out a few details I'm sure are there. This was good fun to paint, despite my initial reticence on the detail being a little beyond me - but glad I took the plunge.

The suit did get a blue blaze just to dampen down the brightness of the pinstripe, and it did the job well. The striping is reflected in the patterning of the elephant which gave pleasing balance when they were next to each other. I swapped out the standard base for a heavier industrial base, which should make more sense thematically when a few more of these are painted up in time.

You can see this and learn more about the figure range and upcoming Kickstarter for their game, over on their Facebook page.