Sunday 19 June 2016


And so the pirate crew is complete, with the addition of my puppet master Gualtiero and his little marionette - who we'll call Piccolo Rosso.

Now technically, if you play Freebooter's Fate, this chap is supposed to be in a different crew (the Cult). It's not a game I play, and I loved the little puppet version of my pirate captain so much that I wanted him to be one of the figures in my little pirate band. It would be nice to add wire between the control bar and the puppet, but I haven't got anything in the toolbox that's suitable.

Speaking of which, here's a full and final shot of the crew.

Second shot provided to give a better view of the bases. Hopefully they feel coherent when you're looking at them as a group, despite being from different miniature ranges and factions.

Next project? Over to Purgatory miniatures that I picked up at Salute this year and painting up Hannibal for a four-way painting competition.

This little elephant is reason enough to love a new line of miniatures.