Friday 10 December 2021

Colony 87 third wave

A single project through November - I finished off the Colony 87 third wave models from a Kickstarter project by Crooked Dice. Felt it was appropriate as I've just backed the fourth wave and wanted these out the backlog before the new ones arrive in January. 

To complicate matters, I tried to paint everything using a Zorn palette - essentially black, white, red and yellow ochre. That's it. Nothing else. Mix your tones from there. YOu can see how a proper artist does it here  ( My interpretation is just creating the tones and using those as colours for things, then a highlight and a shadow, nothing more complex.

I will post more close-up shots over the next week or two but here's the group shot.

 I'm a sucker for sci-fi civilian sculpts, as you'll see through the next year or two ...