Wednesday 29 July 2020

The Cauldron Warband

Fenris Games make some lovely, crunchy, oldschool sculpts. Their last Kickstarter ( was a fine example of this. Really digging that Realm of Chaos, late 80s vibe and was compelled to back it.

I wanted to inject a little more colour and less uniformity, as it's often my downfall when painting.

Definitely quick rather than precise, but it was fun trying to mix all the colours from just magenta, blue, yellow and white. Happy with the result, which is colourful, yet miserable.

Hinrich Rottgard
Mixed feelings on this fellow. I didn't enjoy painting the robes on the rear, and feel it shows that I rushed it.

Kopron the Razor
The metals were painted as a greyscale, then I introduced all the colours from elsewhere on the model to liven them up.

Putriss Aranica
Trying to paint a bright rust was good fun. Some texture added into the robes just to break up the surfaces. Face detail is almost irrelevant under the big old pointy hat.

Maldred Plaguebringer
The first one painted, and colour-wise definitel the most linear on transitions.

Annuvin The Watcher
My favourite sculpt and paint job. The bird as a bluish light source, contrasts with the yellow lights on the opposite side, and then some gentle glow on the face added because I could.