Monday 30 November 2015

Guild Ball Fishermen: Greyscales

Not as much painting over the last week, but did manage to get a few games of Rum & Bones (still love it) and my first run through with Rise of the Kage (it's a grower).

However, still made it in time for the end of the month with Greyscales.

Bit of a basing nightmare when I accidentally snapped the pin in his foot, so had to throw him on a last minute replacement. So yes, the base still needs a little tidying.

Played around with trying to do better skintones, and my first play with the Tamiya Clear Red on the blade - need more practice on both, but we're getting there.

As an aside, funny that this chap's got an armour rating of 0 in the game. Even if I'd done the rope on the cloak as actual rope and not a chainmail effect, he'd still be carrying significant protection with that and the shoulder plate, yet he gets no bonus in game! Go figure.

Next week should see the Golem progress, but a brief pause now as tonight sees an evening out to enjoy the melodic stylings of Slayer & Anthrax.