Sunday 19 April 2015

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Probe Droids

With the recent spark ignited by the Battlefront & Episode 7 trailers, a friend with the Imperial Assault board game (similar to Descent) entrusted me with painting up a couple of the figures.

The game doesn't quite work the same way as Descent, so there isn't a master unit in the group - they're simply required to be distinct from each other, hence the different coloured bases. The three are painted in different styles, but all sprayed metallic as the base.
  • Blue had his top half painted in chipping fluid, painted black, then scrubbed back. That's a technique which requires significant more practice (my first attempt) and wasn't great.
  • Green was shaded and highlighted as normal.
  • Red was shaded, drybrushed then I tried for a lighting effect around the sensors. Not entirely satisfactory, but conveyed the effect.
All three were finished with gloss varnish on the black sensors painted to give the feel of glass - and I'm happy with that.

In review, the standard approach used on Green is still my favourite - but the purpose of the other approaches was for comparison to see if there was a quicker, more effective method. Original is still the best and my preferred way of doing it.

Original is still the best and my preferred way of doing it, the others felt like shortcuts that save no time.