Wednesday 1 April 2015

Warhammer 40k: Gretchin

Over on the Ammobunker, March was Green Month and that got me hankering for Orks. Once I started hankering, I started reminiscing and next thing you know I've picked up this box on eBay ...

Very, very excited. Fond memories of buying this at release back in '87 for probably the princely sum of £10. Delighted to snaffle it as a bargain with everything mint. 1987 saw Terry Waite captured, British Airways privatised(!) and Maggie elected for her final term in office.

Considering how long ago all this was, before diving in and ruining these beautiful miniatures, I've pulled out a box of Gretchin to practice on ...

Also found my very old Goblin Green spray in a can. Not quite the shade of green I'd used previously on my figures, but it'll do for a quick and cheap unit like this.

After realising there was no chance of completing 20 Gretchin in one week, I opted to switch focus to just completing a couple of test models instead. Would rather have something completed to show for my effort this week.

Craquelure effect on the left hand gun is accidental. Think I applied matte varnish when it may have been be a smidgeon wet - not something I've seen before. Long-term I don't expect to have cute little red noses on all of them, so the effect will be broken up when in a bigger group. Eyes are painted red, but slightly higher camera angle means they're lost in the shadows. Barrels aren't drilled, as for metal miniatures I find it tedious for so little gain.

Brambleton got me thinking about the bases, and I've opted to re-base in line with my Ork army - so it's polyfilla with a few items stuck in them, sprayed black then drybrushed up with greys. These guys got a heavy dose of Vallejo weathering pigments to the base, feet and bottom of the loincloths, as I'm keen to fiddle with the stuff. Weathering pigment that is, not an Ork's loincloth ... ahem.

The remaining 17 are still on the bench at varying stages of completion while I work out how to make them distinct from each other.