Tuesday 3 January 2023

Happy new year

 It's 2023 somehow. Christmas with the family, then moving house ourselves for the last week took a lot out of us, but we're here and refreshed. After 18 months without one, I finally have a dedicated desk for painting again, not simply a small space to the side of my computer, which should make a difference to my output this year as it was comparatively slow in 2022.

I don't have resolutions or specific goals for this year, but I do have ambitions.

  • Get back to my Eldar. A little of the wind was taken out my sails last January by the release of the fantastic new plastic range. I know that sounds daft, but after spending a couple of years building up a metal oldhammer army, watching all the new models arrive took a little of the shine off. But I'm a grown-up (apparently) and have stopped sulking, and going to throw myself back in.
  • Clear the WIP pile. There's quite a few models sitting in a partially painted state, and rather than ignore them and keep opening new ones and pretending they're not there, I'll be painting everyone and getting the desk clear.
  • Paint the HeroQuest models. Not the (admittedly nice) new HeroQuest models, but my original 80s ones. A few of the Orks and Fimir have been done to-date as speed paints, and I'll finish off the majority in the same style. We played a little over Christmas and it was still great fun.

Alongside my painting projects, I do have a few retro computing projects to tide me over, and there may be posts on those here too. Time to dust off the Amiga loving.

Happy new year to you.