Wednesday 26 August 2020

Draxx Vatar

Another Scale 75 bust, and another experiment in lighting. This is another of the Heroes of the Fallen Frontier Kickstarter I backed, and so it's me trying more cyberpunk colours. Bright lights, and then I tried to knit the colours together for a chromed effect on the back of the jacket.

One thing you learn from doing workshops with top painters teaching is to be clear when answering the question "what is the narrative?" and I had a clear idea in my head for what Draxx would be doing. He's stood in a doorway at a club. The bright lights from inside, streaming out, and contrasting with the lurid colours from the streets across him.

Is he hired help, watching out for trouble and discouraging it? Is he the heavy support while someone inside is shaking the owners down for a payment? Which way round are those colours for the club and the street? Does it matter? I don't think it does, let your own interpretation of the narrative do the lifting for you on this.