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Sector Imperialis: Administratum

The speed is coming back a little now ... so here's what's left of an Administratum.

Some fairly major damage here, literally just a corner of this fine establishment left now. They even blew the bloody doors off. Few shots with the interior detail featuring a ruined terminal, clutter, gang graffiti and a functioning control panel.

And the mobile-shot mold angle.

I enjoyed painting this such a dull and boring colour, then working out how to add life and character. The Martian earth basing scheme I've applied across my models works really well here in contrast, but keeps the warm feeling.


  1. That looks great, nice touches, especially the broken terminal inside and the general detritus

  2. Cheers! I'm discovering that it's the little details that lift it from just a line of sight blocker up to being a terrain piece.


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