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Space Wolves: Primaris Ancient

My first finished Primaris Marine for the Space Wolves, and it's the Ancient standard bearer.

I've tried to give the banner a feel of embroidery on the raised surfaces and hopefully that comes across in the photos. It's probably the single most complex thing I've painted this year, due to all the fine detail and how it interacts with the other pieces.

Details to note. This is one of three figures where I'm working out the colour scheme and what to paint, and how. Senior figures, from squad sergeants and up, will have yellow kneepads to distinguish them from normal squad members, which should make removing the correct figures from the board a little easier.

This took a lot longer than expected, but it feels right. Happy that the basing scheme looks good (phew) and while there are obviously some parts that I can go back and improve on for the next Marine, this is a good starting point.


  1. He looks great dude, top work ! Your weathering on the armour and blending on the banner in particular look fantastic :)

    1. Thanks Carl! Just another 20+ marines in the same scheme and I can take a little break :)

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Jimmy! Not quite as quick and you and your Salamanders, but it's a start.


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