Sunday 17 April 2016

Black Scorpion: Navigator

Despite a hectic week of family events, angry babies not sleeping, work and Salute in London (more on that later), I managed to squeeze in a little time to finish another of the piratey entourage up - here's the Navigator.

The sculpt on this one is bugging me as his face gets lost in among all the detail of the books and scrolls loaded up alongside it. I've plumped to add a warm glow from the candle on one side of the book pile, then a cooler green spooky glow from the mystery scroll on the other side - happy with this as it changes how the figure looks depending on the angle he's viewed from.

Next up is the Preacher, who'll be a little less sensible in his choice of clothing. Getting a rhythm going for these guys now, and quite enjoying myself.