Sunday 27 March 2016

Black Scorpion: Chef & Surgeon

So the Bank Holiday weekend over here has given me a little more free time than expected and my pirate adventures have started in earnest - with two hired hands from Black Scorpion Miniatures that I picked up at Salute last year.

I used the same green as a base on both then went for cooler colours on the Chef and warmer colours on the Surgeon (renamed Redshirt as he'll be first to die, I'm sure) and then cooler colours on his lady friend as a contrast. This is the first time I've tried painting chest hair, and it wasn't a total disaster and the striped legs turned out surprisingly well. The eyes are so small I could barely paint the eyeball, so haven't even attempted an iris.

After the fine detail of Guild Ball's 3D sculpted, precision tooled figures, these took a little time to adjust to as some of the features simply stop being present e.g. couple of fingers, and the lady's left boot. None of that detracts from what great figures they are and a lot of fun to paint.